Wireless Intruder Alarm

A wireless alarm installation is often significantly cheaper than a hard wired installation. Being cheaper to maintain also, a wireless alarm installation is therefore often the preferred choice of intruder alarm for budget conscious households. However, whilst wireless alarm installations might be markedly cheaper than a monitored or bells-only alternatives, they far from compromise on quality.

Using long range radio signals similar to home wifi installations, a wireless alarm installation communicates with home sensors in much the same way that a bells-only alarm does. Indeed, being triggered whenever a sensor in your home detects movement, wireless and bells only alarms are essentially the same aside from the fact that the alarm sensors themselves aren’t linked by lengths of cables. In fact, being cable free, a wireless alarm installation is perfectly suited to properties with outbuildings such as garden studios and workshops. Simply place a sensor in the area in question and it is just as well protected as the rest of your home.

This being the case, our wireless alarm St Albans experts are quick to recommend wireless alarm installations for everything from properties with outbuildings, to construction sites and country estate properties.

Key Benefits Of A Wireless Alarm Installation:

  • Tamper Proof – A wireless alarm can not be disabled by cutting power or connecting cables like some other alarms.

  • Portable – Sensors can be moved and placed in alternative locations whenever necessary. This makes the system ideal for work-sites and properties including different buildings.

  • Cost Effective – No cables means that there is no need for any physician drilling or electrical work when installing a wireless alarm.

  • Long Life – A wireless alarm installation has a typical lifespan of 5-10 years.

  • Easily Compatible With Other Security Systems – Wireless alarms are easily compatible with other home safety and security devices such as fire alarms, CCTV and remote CCTV control.

In fact, with such a wide variety of features wireless alarms are increasingly popular home security solutions. Wireless alarm maintenance is however, still hugely important. Our wireless alarm St Albans security professionals can therefore help you find not only the right wireless alarm installation solution for your property, but provide unrivaled ongoing wireless alarm maintenance over the lifespan of the alarm itself.

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