Intruder Alarms

Your home is your castle, but unlike real castles most UK homes are far from intruder proof. That said, UK police routinely point out how well fitted and maintained intruder alarms make people significantly less likely to themselves become victims of burglary and criminal home intrusions.

At St Albans Alarms, our intruder alarm installation and intruder alarm maintenance experts are therefore dedicated to doing everything that we conceivably can to secure your home and your family against any and all unwanted visitors.

Priding ourselves on being able to identify the right alarm type for where you live, what your budget is and your specific property type, our intruder alarm St Albans specialists are your number one point of call when deciding how best to secure your property.

In fact, when searching for the most effective intruder alarm installation, what a lot of people don’t realize is that the best alarm types aren’t necessarily the most expensive. Rather, the level of protection people need depends upon a range of factors such as where their home is located, as well as the physical characteristics of a specific property.

Moreover, key to keep in mind when choosing an intruder alarm installation, is what you want to happen if and when that alarm is ever activated. At St Albans Alarms, our intruder alarm St Albans experts can therefore help you decide whether you need a ‘bells only’ alarm designed around just making a loud noise when it is tripped, or a more sophisticated monitored alarm. In the latter case for example, if your intruder alarm was ever activated it would be automatically responded to by one of a dedicated team of 24/7 alarm monitoring specialists.

Likewise, intruder alarm maintenance is just as essential a consideration when thinking about how best to secure your home or commercial property. After all, even the best intruder alarm system on the market isn’t any use to anyone if it isn’t checked and maintained properly.

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