Fire Alarm Maintenance

Are you regularly testing and maintaining your fire alarm? It is not possible to tell if a fire alarm installation is working properly just by looking at it. Fire alarm maintenance is therefore essential in order to make sure that your home or business is as protected as it needs to be. Moreover, improper fire alarm maintenance can actually damage fire alarm installations just as much as environmental wear and tear and acts of vandalism.

St Albans Alarms – Your Local Provider Of Professional Fire Alarm Maintenance

At St Albans Alarms our fire safety experts minimum maintenance is therefore comprised of the following:

  • Testing & Calibrating Of Alarm Sensors – Fire sensors differ considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, our St Albans Alarms fire alarm maintenance professionals are able to identify any and all kinds of failure modes, as well as when a sensor is in need of replacing.

  • Fire Simulation – Even if fire sensors pass our fire alarm maintenance experts initial assessment, we will still carry out input tests in order to ensure that each sensor is communicating correctly with your overall alarm system and that your system successfully announces an alert whenever it receives notice of a fire.

  • Battery Check – Even mains wired fire alarm installations are equipped with batteries. During regular fire alarm maintenance it is therefore essential to check batteries for both corrosion and the battery expiry date.

  • Sensitivity Testing – Fire alarms can often be in perfect working order but either have too high or too low a sensitivity setting. In this case a fire alarm may sound when there is no need, or in a worse case scenario, not sound when required to. Our home and business fire alarm maintenance experts will therefore make sure that your fire alarm is set to the right degree of sensitivity.

Of course, fire alarm maintenance requirements vary depending on a range of circumstances including but not limited to fire alarm make and model, whether the fire alarm system is installed in a home or business and if the latter, what the nature of that business is. However, at St Albans Alarms our security and fire safety experts are familiar with all fire alarm makes and models, as well as business specific legal requirements.

This being the case, if you are a home or business owner and can’t remember or don’t have a record of when your fire alarm was last tested, make sure to call St Albans Alarms today to schedule a routine maintenance visit on 01727 262020. Alternatively, contact us via email at


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Fire alarm maintenance

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Fire Alarms Maintenance

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