Monitored alarms

A monitored alarm installation is increasingly considered the best way to protect homes and commercial properties alike from opportunist intruders. Break ins don’t after all, just happen. Rather, vandals and burglars plan intrusions into people’s homes and properties in mind of not just when property owners are likely absent, but in mind also of what if any alarm types they are likely to trigger when they do.

Of course, that sounds scary, but the good news is that surveys of reformed burglars undertaken by security specialists consistently demonstrate how from a potential intruder’s perspective, a monitored alarm installation is the number one deterrent from attempting to enter a property in the first place.

This being the case, our monitored alarm St Albans and monitored alarm Hertfordshire specialists are quick to identify the benefits of a monitored alarm installation over standard bells-only alarms, but how does a monitored alarm installation actually work?

Key Features Of A Monitored Alarm Installation

  • Unlike bells-only alarms, a monitored alarm system alerts a UK based service center the second it is activated.

  • Manned 24/7 365 days a year, a respondent will then confirm whether a genuine home or commercial property intrusion is underway and contact you and/or your property’s nominated key holders.

  • Usually it would then be up to you or your nominated key holders to request that police attend your property. However, many monitored alarm installation services do offer extra monitoring options whereby service center based personnel will contact police and/or fire services personally.

In fact, when incorporated with CCTV and smoke detection units, a monitored alarm installation is often considered the definitive home safety and security solution. Even better, basic monitoring service plans themselves are surprisingly low cost.

How To Set Up A Monitored Alarm Installation

When it comes then to setting up your own monitored alarm installation, our monitored alarm St Albans experts are ready to guide you through every step of the process. St Albans Alarms will help you choose not just a monitoring plan which best suits your situation, but help you decide whether or not you should include extra CCTV and/or fire safety features.

Indeed, with over ten years experience helping people all across St Albans secure their properties, St Albans Alarms is your number one local provider of every kind of dedicated security solution. Therefore call us today on 01727 262020, or email us on to see how best we can start better securing your home or business for you.


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