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For most homes and small businesses CCTV installations based on a small number of cameras are sufficient enough to provide adequate security. However, there are situations when full CCTV systems are required by both homes and business alike. Such situations include but are not limited to:

  • Properties with a history of repeated break ins.

  • Businesses such as hotels and guest houses.

  • Large residential properties.

  • Large businesses and warehouses.

At St Albans Alarms, our CCTV systems installation Hertfordshire and CCTV systems St Albans specialists are therefore skilled and experienced in installing full scale CCTV systems in a broad range of home and business environments. Moreover, the benefits of a full scale CCTV system are inarguable.

CCTV systems:

  • Work as the most effective deterrent for prospective intruders.

  • Reduce fear – Families and business employees feel safer knowing that CCTV systems work as an effective deterrent to criminals and trespassers.

  • Achieve significantly better prosecution rates when criminal activity does take place.

  • Reduce insurance premiums.

  • Increase business profits and productivity.

But what CCTV system is right for your home or business?

At St Albans Alarms, our CCTV systems installation Hertfordshire and CCTV systems installation St Albans specialists regularly help home and businesses owners identify the right CCTV systems to incorporate into their overall security arrangements. We do this by assessing property types, the area where a property is located and specific home and business needs. For a property spread over a large area for example, our security experts might identify a wireless CCTV system comprised of a number of indoor and outdoor cameras as being the most effective CCTV system solution in terms of effectiveness, cost and overall system requirements. For a warehouse or hotel on the other hand, our experts might identify a dome CCTV camera system as most suitable.

Regardless however, of what the CCTV system which you want will be charged with protecting, our CCTV systems installation Hertfordshire and CCTV systems St Albans security experts can be relied upon at all times to give you honest, risk assessment based security advice.

Indeed, at St Albans Alarms we pride ourselves on being able to identify your home and business needs and provide for them accordingly. That’s why we have over ten years’ top rated experience supplying reliable, cost effective and home and business specific CCTV systems to homes and businesses all across Hertfordshire and St Albans.

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