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A HD CCTV installation is essentially a high definition CCTV upgrade and alternative to traditional analogue CCTV. Capable of recording video at 720 pixels and 1080 pixels at a full 30 frames per second, HD CCTV combines superb video quality with on-site recording of video footage. In this respect HD CCTV is ideal for security conscious home and property owners who want a no-fuss CCTV solution which delivers near the same video quality as IP CCTV. Indeed, one of the main benefits of HD CCTV stems from the fact that the quality of video recorded is not dependent on available bandwidth or video compression. Video is simply captured, recorded and available for analysis on-site in your home or business whenever your require it to be.

Of course, with IP CCTV being increasingly touted as the future of CCTV overall people often get confused in regard to how a HD CCTV installation might actually be a better alternative. Thankfully then, our HD CCTV installation St Albans experts have complied a quick summary of the unique benefits of a HD CCTV installation over that of an IP CCTV installation.

  • Firstly a HD CCTV installation is able to use the same cabling infrastructure as traditional analogue CCTV. If you already have an analogue CCTV installation our HD CCTV installation St Albans experts will therefore recommend upgrading to HD CCTV rather than implementing IP CCTV, purely because in most cases this will be more economical.

  • Secondly a HD CCTV installation is not network dependent. One failure of IP CCTV is that it depends on a home or business network to transmit video to wherever it is going to be viewed or recorded. However, network problems and power outages do happen and can effect the system performance. With a HD CCTV installation on the other hand, video being transmitted and recorded is not network dependent. Businesses especially therefore often prefer HD CCTV.

  • Lastly, HD CCTV is more user friendly. Devices such as smartphones and computers don’t need to be programmed to be able to receive video and those familiar with traditional CCTV will find a HD CCTV installation almost identical to administer.

In short, high definition CCTV delivers superb picture quality, on-site video storage and is ultimately easy to implement. However, what CCTV installation is right for you and your property depends exclusively on you and your family or business’ specific situation. In this case, contact St Albans Alarms today in order to get free and impartial expert advice from one of our home security experts in regard to what system might be right for you. We’re available by phone on 01727 262020 and via email at info@stalbansalarms.co.uk.


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