People are often familiar with CCTV in stores and public areas and buildings. However, CCTV can be just as effective a deterrent for potential intruders to your home as it can be commercial premises. Even better, many home insurance providers recognize the benefit of an in-home CCTV installation to the point that this will often be reflected in home insurance premiums.

Moreover, in recent years the average home CCTV installation has evolved beyond just basic image capture and recording. Indeed, many home CCTV installations both transmit and record at the same time. This means that people are able to monitor areas of their home in real time, as well as have recorded footage which can be drawn upon as evidence should an actual home intrusion ever occur.

Whether used solely for improved home security, as a peace of mind device to monitor children at play in your garden, or even your entire home when away on vacation via the Internet, there are a broad range of CCTV installation options available via St Albans Alarms suited to a variety of different purposes. These include but are not limited to:

  • Wired Home CCTV Installation

  • IP CCTV Installation

  • HD CCTV Installation

  • Outdoor CCTV Installation

  • Indoor CCTV Installation

Being dedicated to ongoing customer support, St Albans Alarms also specializes in CCTV maintenance. Indeed, regular CCTV maintenance just like regular intruder alarm maintenance is vital. Experienced intruders are adept at identifying and exploiting aged and degraded systems. Likewise, most people will not themselves be able to identify when a CCTV hard disk might need replacing, or for that matter when an IP CCTV installation might require an essential software update.

At St Albans Alarms we therefore specialize in not just helping home and property owners identify the CCTV installation that is right for them, but also CCTV maintenance and overall home security solutions. This being the case, whether you are looking for a porch CCTV installation in order to help put your mind at rest when people call unannounced, or an accessible from anywhere IP CCTV installation, call St Albans Alarms today on 01727 262020, or email us at info@ and let’s start talking about how to better protect your home and your loved ones.


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