Fire Alarm Installation

A fire alarm installation is always home and business specific. Where sensors are placed, what sensors are used and how a fire alarm installation is networked is dependent on everything from your home and/or business layout to your properties overall material construction.

However, at St Albans Alarms, our experts can not only advise home and business owners what the best fire alarm installation type for their property will be, but are able to source and install fire alarm systems from a comprehensive range of trusted suppliers.

Quick Fire Facts:

  • 43% of businesses which suffer a fires never reopen due to damage.

  • Both UK and European law demands that public and commercial buildings are equipped with adequate fire alarm installations and that alarm systems themselves are maintained to accredited standards.

  • Out of 600,000 fires which occur annually in the UK, approximately 550,000 of these fires occur in business and commercial properties.

But what does fire alarm installation actually entail? For home fire alarm installation solutions, sensors and access terminals can be installed either as part of a wired system connected to your homes mains electricity supply, or as part of a stand alone network of adhesive sensors and alarms. Traditionally, networked and wired fire alarms have been recognized as providing better and more dependable fire safety. However, with new wireless fire alarm systems, many if not all of the same benefits can now be achieved via non-wired and subsequently much less expensive installations.

However, no one should commit to any kind of fire alarm installation without first talking to a qualified fire safety expert. This being the case, if you would like to find out more about St Albans Alarms comprehensive list of fire alarm installation services call us today on 01727 262020. Or alternatively email us at


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Fire alarm installation

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