IP CCTV Installation

An IP CCTV installation is a CCTV installation which connects to the Internet via your home router. In this way property owners and nominated individuals can access live images from their properties’ IP CCTV installation from literally anywhere in the world. On holiday? Via your smartphone or personal computer you can log into your home’s IP CCTV Installation in seconds in order to check on your property.

However, an IP CCTV installation isn’t just about people being able to remotely monitor their properties. IP CCTV cameras capture sharper, much higher quality video than their analogue counterparts. Likewise, because IP CCTV cameras have much higher resolution than closed system CCTV installation cameras, it is possible to survey property areas using less cameras and subsequently save on initial set up fees. Moreover, because video is transmitted via the Internet there is no need for local storage or recording equipment.

In fact, an IP CCTV installation is one of the most versatile and future proof security systems currently available. Able to connect to monitored alarms systems there are even remote monitoring solutions available which can contentiously monitor IP CCTV video footage for signs of criminal activity.

IP CCTV Installation benefits:

  • Easy To Install – IP CCTV Installation St Albans security professionals can equip systems to connect via existing home wired and wireless networks making overall IP CCTV installation both fast and simple for people to start using right away.

  • Better Value – Using less cameras, being able to transmit video wirelessly and being simple to install and set up makes IP CCTV very cost effective.

  • Unparalleled Integration Options – Not only can an IP CCTV installation be accessed via any Internet enabled device from any location, but systems can even be set to automatically transmit video to specified devices whenever movement is detected in a property.

  • Low Power – IP CCTV Installation St Albans security professionals can configure cameras to run from power supplied by network cables. This both removes the need for separate power supplies and significantly reduces system running costs.

  • Better Image Quality – There is almost no limit to IP CCTV image resolution and playback quality. This being the case, if your property is ever intruded upon you can be rest assured that you have quality video available to use as evidence.

Because IP CCTV is so feature rich it is considered to be the emerging standard in overall CCTV video surveillance. Moreover, St Albans Alarms are experts in IP CCTV installation, maintenance and upgrades. This being the case, if you are considering an IP CCTV installation for your own property call us today on 01727 262020, or alternatively contact us via email at info@stalbansalarms.co.uk.


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IP CCTV Installation

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