Wireless Fire Alarm

Wireless fire alarm systems are ideal for people who want a full featured fire alarm but want to avoid the hassle and expense of a complex installation. In fact, with a wireless fire alarm installation, panels and sensors can be installed over the top of home decorating features such as wallpaper making the system quicker and easier to install than any other kind of fire safety solution.

How A Wireless Fire Alarm Installation Works

A wireless fire alarm installation works via individual sensors communicating with each other over a mesh wifi network. This network is not based on your existing home wifi, but maintained independently via the system itself. Should a sensor in your home be activated it will communicate the necessary details to a central control panel via this network and an alarm will sound in exactly the same way as it would via a traditionally networked fire alarm installation.

Key Benefits Of A Wireless Fire Alarm Installation

  • Wireless fire alarms are easy to install anywhere, even hard to reach areas like airing cupboards and loft spaces.

  • A wireless fire alarm installation is easy to modify. Sensors can be moved and replaced whenever necessary and the system itself will remain fully functional.

  • A wireless fire alarm installation is independent to your homes power supply. Should your home suffer a power cut, a wireless fire alarm installation will continue to operate.

  • Future Proof. A wireless fire alarm can be easily upgraded. There are even options available whereby a wireless fire alarm installation can be linked with monitored home alarm systems in order for property owners to be informed when threats are detected even when away from their property.

Of course, with being battery operated, it is just as essential to routinely test and maintain a wireless fire alarm installation as much as it is any other system. Moreover, for optimum safety it is still best practice to have a wireless fire alarm installed and set up by a professional fire safety expert familiar with the make and model.

Proudly serving Hertfordshire and St Albans for over ten years, if you are thinking about investing in a new wireless fire alarm system, St Albans Alarms combines competitively priced systems with the expertise which both home and business owners need to install and successfully set up such a system in the first place. This being the case, call us today in order to speak with one of our wireless fire alarm advisors on 01727 262020. Or alternatively, send us an email at info@stalbansalarms.co.uk.


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