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Every home needs a fire alarm. Deaths and injuries resulting from house fires center predominantly on homes which either haven’t been equipped with a fire alarm, or for whatever reason that fire alarm has been defective. Moreover, the bigger tragedy in many cases, is that fire crews have to regularly risk their lives in order to attempt to rescue the unwitting victims of house fires.

Fire Facts:

  • Every year UK Fire and Rescue Services respond to over 600,000 fires which result in over 800 deaths and over 17,000 injuries.

  • You are twice as likely to die in a house fire that is not equipped with a working smoke alarm.

  • A working fire alarm installation can therefore double the chances of you and your family surviving a house fire.

At St Albans Alarms we take fire safety very seriously. Our fire alarm St Albans experts are dedicated to providing fire alarm installation and ongoing fire alarm maintenance designed specifically around ensuring you and your families optimum fire safety.

Depending on your business or home property type, our fire alarm St Albans fire safety professionals will advise you in regard to what kind of fire alarm installation will best meet your specific safety needs. Perhaps for example, a member of your family is deaf or has hearing problems. If this was the case, a fire alarm installation with a visual as well as audible alert would be recommended. Likewise, a fire alarm installation can be triggered by either smoke detection or heat detection sensors. However, different sensors are often better suited to different business and property types.

In fact, when choosing the right fire alarm installation for your home or business there is a lot to think about. Mains wired systems are considered safer due to the fact that sensors and alarms themselves aren’t battery dependent. However, a mains wired fire alarm installation is often more costly due to overall installation work involved. Likewise, businesses investing in a fire alarm installation need to adhere to specific fire safety regulations, as well as be able to commit to professional fire alarm maintenance on at least a yearly basis.

St Albans Alarms is in this case St Albans and Hertfordshire’s one stop shop for professional fire safety solutions. This being the case, if you are thinking about installing a new fire alarm or even just upgrading your existing system, make sure to call us today on 01727 262020. Alternatively, contact us via email at


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