Bells Only Alarms

Bells-only Alarms & Intruder Alarm Maintenance

A bells-only alarm installation is an alarm which upon being triggered will start making a loud noise. Often triggers will take the form of sensors placed around a property and a bells-only alarm installation works principally by alerting neighbors and passers by to the fact that a property intrusion is in progress.

Of course, a bells-only alarm also works by alerting intruders themselves to the fact that they are likely about to be apprehended. This being the case, a bells-only alarm installation can be just as effective a deterrent as a monitored alarm installation.

Indeed, whereas in detached suburban and countryside environments a monitored system is sometimes more advantageous, in more built up urban areas, bells-only alarm systems attract immediate attention and are just as effective deterrents to potential intruders. Likewise, bells-only alarms embody progressively more sophisticated features. Wireless and infrared networks for example, significantly extend bells-only alarm coverage perimeters.

However, intruder alarm maintenance is just as integral a part of a bells-only alarm working as a successful deterrent as the system itself. As well as being proficient at spotting dummy alarm boxes, opportunist intruders are just as capable of identifying unmaintained and therefore likely defective installations.

Intruder Alarm Maintenance

If your property is protected by a bells-only alarm, intruder alarm maintenance should therefore be an annual at least priority. From battery replacement to faulty sensors, St Albans Alarms is in this case your one stop shop for both new bells-only alarm installations and qualified experts available to help you with all your present and future maintenance needs.

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